Welcome! We are so glad you are here!

In a time when most feel lost and alone in a room full of people, we have become equipped with the answer, and all roads lead to Jesus Christ.  God gave His one and only Son so that all people could experience enriching and rewarding lives. We, at Christ Is the Answer Deliverance Center, invite you to step into this rebirth and experience all that the Father has in store for you.  


You no longer have to feel misplaced, unaccompanied, or insignificant. God is knocking at your heart’s door, anxiously waiting for you to let Him in. It is time to make the decision to turn the knob and answer the call. We welcome you, as Christ does, with everlasting open arms.


Thought of the Week

Faith is aggressive. It is bold, forward, forceful and tough. Faith is persistent. It applies constant, relentless pressure to a situation until the desired result manifests.